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Prepare Your Boat for the Cold Months Ahead

Before the winter hits, get your boat over to Scalisi Marine in Weymouth, MA to keep it safe from the snow and wind. We live on the property and the yard is well-lit and constantly monitored by security cameras. Your boat is safe with us!

Preparing your boat for the winter extends the life of your boat and increases its performance when you're back in the water. Proper cleaning and inspections of your boat now can save you time and money later. Storage facility is at Scalisi only.

Winterization Package

  • Winter hauling

  • Power wash

  • Separately invoiced winterization

  • Spring launch

  • Fiberglass boats only

  • November 15 to May 15

Get Your Boat Water-Ready

Let us help you get your boat ready in the spring! We'll ensure all connections are tight, fluids are filled, and all systems are in working order.


Trust our team to make sure your vessel is ready for the water in the spring.

Keep Your Boat Safe During the Winter